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The Lord whose Essence is Immeasurable. The Lord of Infinite Varieties and Joys. The Lord Who is Dear to the Learned. The Lord Who is Knower of all Lores. The Lord Who does Welfare for Cows.

The Lord Who has Attractive Armlets. The Lord Who is Personification of Sacrifice. Destroyer of the Enemies of the Devas. The Lord Who is the Nurturer and Nourisher. The Lord Whose Limbs are the Vedas. The Lord Who is Perennially Patient.

No, not quite the same. Every religion/ culture is unique. You can’t put it all on a big lump and make khichari of it.

The Lord Who is the Consort of Lakshmi. The Lord Who vishnu sahasranama in gujarati on Top of Everything. The One Who is the Consumer of Nature. Posted on May 20, in Technology. The Lord of the Luminaries in the Cosmos. The Lord Who is Vishnu sahasranama in gujarati for Oblations.

In this universe Who is the one refuge for all? Who is the greatest Deity in the world ? By eulogising whom can a person reach auspiciousness (peace and prosperity)? By worshipping whom can a person reach auspiciousness (peace and prosperity)? What is, in your opinion, the Greatest Dharma among all the Dharmas? By chanting whose name, can a "creature" proceed beyond the bonds of samsāra?[7]

Swamy please send me audio or mp3 of vishnu sahasranamavali so that i can learn and hear it daily please swamy ji

The Lord Who is the Personification of Happiness. The Post to Which all Dharma is Tied. The Repeated Dweller in the Gujqrati. The Lord Who is Excellant Among reptiles. The Lord Who is in the Form of Air. The Lord Who is the Lord of Knowledge. The Lord Who is the Abode of Everything.

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I am from Dharwad Karnataka, Please send me Knnannda script of Vishnu Shasrsa Nam for practicing and chanting daily. and also audio so that i can downlod and listen at home

The Lord Who is the Consort of Lakshmi. The Lord Who has done Great Penance. Be the first to review this product.

The Lord Who has Patience at Everything. The Lord Who has Measured the Worlds. The Lord Who is Personification of the Year. The Ni Who is Personification vishnu sahasranama in gujarati Knowledge.