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Thorn spoke about the challenges trans people face within the NHS and the “discrimination” brought against them in all facets of life.

Thorn speaks to the real fear of Britain’s transphobic culture she feels now that she has come out publicly. She writes, “It’s lovely to finally relax, to sleep well with sweet dreams and be at home in myself! But I’m also scared. Things are very, very bad for trans people in the UK and they’re getting worse.”

Harris Michael "Harry" Brewis (born 19 September 1992), better known as Harris Bomberguy or ... and Scott Benson; YouTubers Natalie Wynn, Lindsay Ellis, Abigail Thorn and Jim Sterling; as well as the CEO of Mermaids, Susie Green.

Last November, Thorn also found herself at the receiving end of the ire of trans Twitter when she quote-tweeted a New York Post article proclaiming Donald Trump’s team had told him to prepare for transition. Thorn joked that Trump was transitioning—and was shamed for it. While she had felt a kinship with trans people online, she was still perceived as a cis man. “It made me feel a little lonely, if I’m honest,” she says. 

Surprising and provoking, too! And really effectively mentioned concerning the political panorama in Britain and around the globe proper now, as effectively…

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She concluded her statement, writing, "Even when other people make it hard, being trans is a gift. My love goes out to every trans person reading my words in Britain or overseas, especially those who can't come out-yet!"

In online trans communities, Thorn felt seen—but not always in the way she wanted. Sometimes, people would speculate about her identity there. “I accessed a few [spaces] anonymously and there were a few people posting screenshots of my videos saying, ‘Do you think Philosophy Tube’s transitioning or not?’” she says. “I found that quite invasive, and I thought, ‘This is going to put pressure on me that I don’t need.’” 

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Popular British YouTuber and actress Abigail Thorn, whose “Philosophy Tube” series of YouTube videos has garnered over 50 million views for the way they meld theatrical production style with cogent explainers of current social issues, came out publicly as a trans woman on January 30.

Abigail Thorn officially came out as transgender on Saturday in an official video posted to her channel. In it, she opened up about how long she’d been keeping her secret, and what it meant to come forward now.

For fans of her channel who may be wondering, episodes of Philosophy Tube will not be stopping anytime soon. Abigail teases plenty of new videos to come at the end of her coming out video. As a massive fan of Abigail Thorn’s video essays, I can’t wait to see what she creates now she is feeling so much happier.

In the clip, she says she came out “ages ago” in private, but this was the first time she was telling her fans.

Like all human beings we are inherently valuable and entitled to self-determination, and if that makes others upset then it’s only because they’re choosing not to live in reality,’ she said.Abigail finished her statement by sending love to trans people in Britain and overseas, ‘especially those who can’t come out – yet!’Belle Delphine rakes in staggering ‘$1.2million’ from OnlyFans account in one month JoJo Siwa flashes peace sign after coming out as gay as Abby Lee shares support JoJo Siwa not labelling her sexuality after coming out ‘This above all: to thine own self be true.

Thorn asked for everyone to help raise awareness of trans issues even if you are worried about "embarrassing yourself by saying the wrong thing."

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The British YouTube star wrote a statement that was released on Twitter and she also uploaded a new video to her account, which has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times in just an hour.