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I'm also new to this forum. Living in South Africa and use e-sword on a regular basis. I am looking for the ANV 1983 to purchase for use in e-sword. I downloaded the AOV but also want the new translation. Any help in getting it would be appreciated. Thanks, Hennie van der Watt

I just did a search for a MySword version of that Bible, and neither is  there one available for it.

-Praying for our work. That we shall positively impact South Africa by producing the word of God in all languages in South Africa so that people can have the word of God in a language that they understand best.

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It seems that the only way you are able to get the ANV is by directly requesting it from Rick Meyers by contacting him by either using snail mail or via the e-Sword Contact page. Alternatively, you could try to contact the guys at eStudySource, and see if you can help from them.

Om die Bybel te lees is 'n goeie gewoonte en dit bring u nader aan God. Moenie 'n oomblik langer wag nie, kry die Afrikaanse Bybel gratis sodat u u gunsteling verse elke dag kan lees en die leringe ted eel met u vriende en geliefdes.