annealing machines for reloading -

I have one of those garages that if you look long enough you can find anything you need for any type of project!….:grin:

Awesome DIY machine. It is very simple, inexpensive and effective. Thanks for sharing, it looks like a very useful tool.

The Giraud annealer uses a large, V-shaped hopper to hold up to 700 .223 Rem cases or 450 .308 Win cases for annealing. You can switch from small cases to larger cases by swapping out the rotary Feeder Wheel below the hopper. Changing Feeder Wheels takes a couple minutes. Five available Feeder Wheels (with different size cartridge slots) let you anneal pretty much any size cartridge — from .17 Remington all the way up to .50 BMG. The common .223 Rem and .308-sized cases used by High Power shooters are served by the Red Feeder Wheel and Blue Feeder Wheel respectively. The Blue Wheel will also work with 6mmBR, .243 Win, and .30-06 cases. The three other Feeder Wheels are: Black (.300 Win Mag); Purple (WSM, RUM, RSAUM, Lapua and Norma Mags); and Green (.50 BMG). For the large mags you also need to switch to a wider Trolley Plate.

I had a small 24rpm , 12V gear motor hanging around so I used it. I think I paid under $10 for is a couple years ago from eBay. You need a motor that turns at around 20 rpms. (update: I see this motor is available from AMAZON

To control the speed of the motor, and therefore how long the brass remains in the flame, I have access to a DC Variable Power Supply.

UPDATE 1-25-15………..I added a simple power supply and a SCR variable speed control. No need for the bulky power supply now.

This piece was stepped so a 1.5″ piece extended to the top of the machine and this left a 1/2″ shoulder that was drilled and tapped for four 1/4-20 bolts

Your brass is placed in holes cut into a steel disc. A small motor turns an arm that indexes the disc to move the brass into the flame of two propane torches. Once the brass has spent the proper amount of time in the flame to anneal, it is then deposited into some type of metal pan or container to cool.

The machine works great. I need to order some propane hoses and connectors to run the torches off a 20 pound propane cylinder.

Looking through some old camping equipment I found a “Propane Tree”. This is a pole with three propane outlets for hooking up a camp lantern, cook stove and some other propane appliance.

The best way to anneal brass is with some type of machine that consistently holds the brass in a flame for exactly the proper amount of time. There are Brass Annealing Machines available from a number of sources. (Google is your friend!) But they cost upwards of $500. I,  like many reloading hobbyists, like to make some of the tools we use in this sport. An annealing machine is not beyond the ability of a serious hobbyist.

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The other hose had a connector on one end for the torch but the other was to be connected to a 20 pound cylinder. A bit more looking and I found a brand new adapter, in the bag! AMAZING!