atlantic records artists : Booker T. -

Booker T. Jones, piano; Steve Cropper, guitar, electric bass; Donald "Duck" Dunn, electric bass, claves; Al Jackson, drums.

But Atlantic would retain control over its own roster after the sale, and the team kept up hitting its streak with artists like Cream (later assigned to the Atco imprint), Dusty Springfield, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Boz Scaggs, Roberta Flack, and Led Zeppelin, pointing the way forward to an even greater genre diversity in the ’70s, gradually inching in on Wexler.

Herbie Mann, flute; Gary Burton, vibes; Reggie Workman, bass; Bruno Carr, drums; Carlos "Patato" Valdes, conga drums; Tamiko Jones, vocals; unidentified strings, Jimmy Wisner, arranger, conductor.

Ernie Royal, trumpet; Robert Asher, trombone; Sid Weinberg, alto sax, oboe; King Curtis, tenor sax; Paul Griffin, piano; George Barnes, Charles Macey, John "Bucky" Pizzarelli, guitar; Russ Saunders, electric bass; Herbie Lovelle, drums; Gil Braines, Jack Jennings, percussion; unidentified 12 strings, Ray Ellis, arranger, director.

Thad Jones, trumpet; Hank Mobley, tenor sax; Dollar Brand, piano; Steve James, electric piano; Donald Moore, bass; Elvin Jones, drums.

Prior to becoming an Atlantic Records artist in 2016, she had released two other albums under a different label.

Blue Mitchell, trumpet #1,3,4; Clifford Jordan, tenor sax #1,3,4; Pepper Adams, baritone sax #1,3,4; Joe Zawinul, piano; Bob Cranshaw, bass #1,3,4; Roy McCurdy, drums #1,3,4.

We are so happy to welcome her into the Atlantic family and to be joining Sia on her amazing musical journey.”

Oh, and she also broke the record for the most simultaneous Billboard Hot 100 entries, dethroning the Queen herself (Beyoncé). In just 2 years, she has been nominated to 295 awards and won 106—including a Grammy and five Guinness World Records.

There is more than one artist with the stage name Snow: The two best-known artists with this name are (1) a Canadian reggae musician, and (2) a…

George Roberts, bass trombone; John Cave, James Decker, William Hinshaw, French horn; Dorothy Colton, Lou Kievman, Virginia Majewski, Paul Robyn, viola; Norman Benko, Paul Bergstrom, Justin DiTullio, Ann Goodman, Ray Kramer, Emmett Sargeant, Joseph Saxon, Eleanor Slatkin, cello; Pete Jolly, piano; Laurindo Almeida, Don Peake, guitar; Joe Mondragon, bass; Larry Bunker, Earl Palmer, drums; Bobby Darin, vocals; Shorty Rogers, arranger.

The Hawaii-born artist is widely known for his musical versatility, retro vibe, and smooth vocals that seem to churn out hit after hit.

The English band consisting of Robert Plant (vocalist), John Paul Jones (keyboard/bass), Jimmy Page (guitarist), and John Bonham (drummer) were a perfect combination of expertise, mystery, and passion.

Dave Burns, trumpet; George Jeffers, Alan Ralph, trombone; Eddie Williams, tenor sax; Bill Bivens, Art Kaplan, Harold Keinz, Melvin Tax, sax; Stan Free, piano; Robert Banks, organ; Napoleon Allen, Billy Butler, Ron Miller, guitar; Jimmy Tyrell, bass; Jimmy Johnson, Bernard Purdie, drums; Don Covay, vocals; Louis Huber, Louis Stone, backing vocals; Bob Gallo (Eric Gale), arranger, director.

Baby Cham (born Damian Beckett in 1977) is a Jamaican dancehall artist, famed for his 2006 single "Ghetto Story" off his major label debut album…

Ray Codrington, trumpet #1-3,5; Eddie Harris, tenor sax; Cedar Walton, piano; Ron Carter, bass; Billy Higgins, drums.

Ahmet’s brother, Nesuhi, joined the fold in 1955 to oversee Atlantic’s jazz division and the label later benefitted from astute partnerships with rising stars like rock & roll songwriters Leiber & Stoller, producer Phil Spector, and, perhaps Wexler’s greatest coup, a timely promotion and distribution deal with Memphis-based Stax Records.

Edwin McCain (born January 20, 1970 in Greenville, South Carolina) is an alternative and indie rock guitar player. While his albums are released under…

At the heart of the Atlantic Records artists’ appeal is their ability to turn the fundamental of contemporary living in a soothing melody.

Several of his albums and singles have been certified platinum—including his debut album (+) that went sextuple platinum in the UK.