bob graham : Graham's daughter, Gwen, also a Democrat, represented Florida's 2nd Congressional District (Tallahassee), 2015-2017. -

Graham's daughter, Gwen, also a Democrat, represented Florida's 2nd Congressional District (Tallahassee), 2015-2017.

Teach your 4-6 year-old the importance of diversity and the environment. Rhoda is born with a distinct color unlike any other alligator in the Everglades. She is blue and orange, shining with colors. Rhoda’s parents celebrate her brightness. However, when Rhoda meets the other young gators in the Everglades she is bullied because of her appearance. Using powerful lessons from her environment, Rhoda is able to overcome the hurt and hardship, embrace her true colors, and educate and transform her bullies.

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I’ve also included my full kit list for this long-distance challenge, including my camping gear, hiking equipment and food!

Let me know if you have any more questions about hiking the Bob Graham Round route in the comments below.

I sipped water throughout the day and when I stopped at water sources on the way I’d dip my Water-to-Go bottle and drink using the filtered system to get extra water, without using what I’d already filtered! Then either re-filling or emptying depending on how far by next water source was.

In terms of the route, that was already done for me, starting in Keswick the circular 66-mile route was already well established. But unlike those people that run the route, generally, with a support team, I was planning on hiking completely solo and unsupported which meant carrying everything I needed.

The last part of the day you then have a boggy section to navigate down to where the pass intersects the Cumbria Way then it’s back up again to Rossett Pike and finally a short descent to Angle Tarn, wild camp number three!

I’ve done loads of wild camps in this tent, it’s lightweight (1.3 kg), pitches quickly and also has a comfort factor as I can sit up in it! You can read my detailed review of it here.

*Note I added in 3 extra Wainwright summits on day 1. I also did a slightly longer route over Great Calva to avoid the river crossing as there had been a lot of rain and I wasn’t comfortable doing. Plus, I also accidentally went the wrong way at Skiddaw House by not paying attention to the route I’d plotted. It’s 22 km without extra Wainwrights.

Next up and down Pillar then up a steep path on Kirk Fell, which was sheltered from the wind until I hit the top plateau and was almost pushed over several times. This is when I started considering an alternative for Great Gable, I began the hike up but the winds were insanely strong and I took the decision to walk the lower path around the base and up to Windy Gap. 

Day 5, the winds were awful, my initial plan was to go up and over Great End, as per the official route. But strong south-westerly winds made the ascent feel too risky and I ended up walking around Great End to Windy Gap and leaving my backpack there for an out and back summit. I’d actually recommend this as an option to switch the route if you’re planning the challenge.

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Ah thank you Josy, I don’t think I’d done it that many times before this haha. I have to admit my knees were a little sore at the end of the challenge, apparently, they didn’t like all the up and down! Yeah, there are so fast and brave runners out there, I’ve seen some of those descents and I bet the runners fly down them, but the idea of that terrifies me! I reckon I could have done much faster without my big backpack though, although not 13 hours. My challenge was a total of about 60 hours ish

Since I was going to be camping up high I also swapped some of the lightweight stakes which proved a good idea considering the wind I had! I had a mix of lightweight and then four of these MSR Groundhog stakes which worked brilliantly.