branding irons made : We invite you to contact us, so we can help you create the right custom branding iron or brand head for your project. -

We invite you to contact us, so we can help you create the right custom branding iron or brand head for your project.

"Take care dude" is disrespectful, but "just another fool" isn't? Strange logic. Personally, I think he made his own branding iron. He didn't chop down the tree where he got his wood for the handle either.

All said and done - design to final burn took me about 3 hours working at a leisurely pace. If someone would clean my garage so I could find my tools, these projects would probably take less time.

I can see where he is coming from. The issue is the title, "Making Your Own Branding Iron" is quite misleading.

Showoff at your next cookout with Texas Irons’ line of pictorial branding irons. Entertain your guests by branding your creations with these great conversation pieces!

I am looking to get a makers mark stamp for my leather work and wood projects can this type of mark be stamped into leather rather then being burned into the project?

I clamped the brass in a vise and used a dremel with a flex shaft to engrave out all the white sections of the template. I used a pointed cutter from the second photo, and a round cutter. Go slow because once you remove material, it's really hard to add it back. The last photo shows how deep I engraved it before the first burn test. Jump to the next step.

We're going to be using an online service called Shapeways to get our brand 3d printed, directly in stainless steel.Remember the bridge from the previous step? The bridge will ensure that Shapeways sees your brand as one solid piece, instead of multiple, and will save you a bit of money in the end as Shapeways charges a fixed fee for every individual part.Once at Shapeways make sure you read through the material guidelines for stainless steel and make sure that your model fits within the guidelines.When you're sure that everything is okay, hit upload and wait as Shapeways automatically checks your file. If it passes, do a manual check to make sure everything looks like you expect before you order your brand in stainless steel.Finally, all you need to do is wait, and wait, and wait, until finally Shapeways ships your brand!

Our hobby grade hand held 120 volt AC electric units feature an impact resistant plastic handle and steel barrel. Available in 80, 120 or 175 watts.

Preserve your family legacy for generations to come by ordering your own custom brand today! To order, simply complete and return the order form....

Brand your finest culinary creations with the original steak branding iron. This BBQ brand is the perfect gift for any grill master!

Our professional grade hand held 120 volt AC electric units feature a hardwood handle, steel barrel and the highest quality heating element available. Available in 75, 130, 175, 250, 550 and 1036 watts. 240 volt AC units are available by special order.

We also offer heavy industrial branding units of various types and configurations such as drill press mounted, machine mounted, propane powered as well as tire branders, power supplies and numerical slotted head set-ups, etc. We can also manufacture custom branding heads for any piece of existing equipment you may have. All we need you to do is supply us some detailed dimensions of what you have or require.