charlie jade dvd : Switching between the three characters, there are occasional feelings of jumps where you think they might have shown something. -

Switching between the three characters, there are occasional feelings of jumps where you think they might have shown something. I’m not sure if it was scripted or edited to bring it into episode time but it does tend to give a feeling of ignoring what isn’t needed. It’s also a series that you need to keep your eyes in attention because information is not always given in the script and you’ll be waiting a while to get all the various information so you work it out just ahead of Charlie Jade himself.

Cast: Jeffrey Pierce, Michael Filipowich, Tyrone Benskin, Danny Keogh, Marie-Julie Rivest, Patricia McKenzie and David Dennis

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I know a guy who worked on the crew for this. He says it's a kind of X-Files meets Sliders meets Han Solo. They shot the whole thing in South Africa with a lot of S African talent, so it looks different from anything you're probably used to seeing.Apparently, there's a ton of directors -- a new one each episode? I think that's a good thing, because science ficiton shows usually benefit from having a bunch of people at the helm. Its important to keep the ideas fresh, because without that, you don't get any challenge. X-Files was definitely better for having so many directors. Or Sopranos, even, but I know that's not sci fi.The buzz at MIPCOM was that the science end of things could be really cool, too. Parallel universes and traveling between them. I'm not sure if this is supposed to happen with machines that the characters build? Apparently the post production happened in Montreal and there's gonna be some good effects. I heard there's an entire city built in a computer.

Actor(s): Jeffrey Pierce, Michael Filipowich, Patricia McKenzie, Michele Burgers, Tyrone Benskin, Danny Keogh, Marie-Julie Rivest, Graham Clarke, David Dennis, Emily Gambade, Michael Copley, Claire Berlein, Robin Scott, Augusto Palacios, Bonnie Henna, Eve Szap

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Jade witnesses the destruction of two of the mechanical transporter stations out in the desert and finds himself trapped in Betaverse, a world less advanced and falling apart than his own and looks a lot like the one we live in. He associates himself with Karl Lubinsky (actor Tyronne Benskin), a journalist seeking the truth about the unexplained and finding it becoming real before his eyes. He’s also aware of the woman, Reena (actress Patricia McKenzie) seen escaping from one of the stations before it blew and is also in hiding in Capetown. What neither of them know is that Boxer, who can move between realities without the use of any machine and acting as a delivery service between the three Verses is after Renna to find out what she did to cause the stations destruction. Along the way, Boxer kills Elliot Krogg, one of the people thought to be responsible for the destruction and was their chief designer. Boxer has his own plans but that’s for another time.

The roles of the characters blurs and those who you thought are the villains and heroes are not what they seem. This is a hidden cult classic that I would put on par with ‘The Prisoner’ if more of you watch it. You can’t see where it is going, only hope that it will get there somehow as the jigsaw is put together.

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(region 2 DVD: pub: Lace DVD. 6 DVDs 993 minutes 20 * 50 minute episodes with extras. Price: I pulled my copy for £11.40 (UK) but buy as a complete boxset as its slightly more expensive as two volumes. ASIN: LACE 403)

The thirteenth episode, ‘Through A Mirror Darkly’ has to be one of the most powerful episodes I’ve seen anywhere. Granted it is full of torture but there is so many lies given that you’re carried on as the lies are peeled away and some strong truth reveals are given. You also find out who the true enemies are. This is one episode that you should not let young people watch for its violence but as drama it is core brilliant.

To cap it all, the final episode resolves many issues, adding some enigmas that could easily have made a second season. Alas, that never happened. However, this only season of ‘Charlie Jade’ is complete to itself and should be seen as one extended Science Fiction story that will leave you wondering how it was missed.

Trapped in a strange world, Charlie must work out how to halt this new threat and how he is to get home.

Charlie Jade is a rogue private detective in a parallel world to ours, governed by five massive multinational corporations. He grew up on the cruel wet streets of Cape City. He knows it well, knows how to fly under the radar and exploit the operating system that runs everybodys society. He is one of the very few in control of his own life - owning his own private detective business independent of any of the five major companies.

Charlie decides to do things his own way - and his way means whatever it takes! Fraud, kidnap and deception - Pain, intrigue and chaos!

Charlie decides to do things his own way - and his way means whatever it takes! Fraud, kidnap and deception - Pain, intrigue and chaos!, Charlie Jade is a man on a mission - a secret and very dangerous one!

Charlie searches for the little girl that found him in the desert to seek help in controlling his visions. At first she helps him visit the Alphaverse, just in time before the Vexcor assassin arrives...