doctor strange : This ability has been featured heavily in the MCU and it has shown just how valuable of an ability it can be. -

This ability has been featured heavily in the MCU and it has shown just how valuable of an ability it can be. Most famously, Strange used the portals to bring all of the heroes to the battlefield to face off against Thanos once and for all.

Before Marvel's Netflix heroes took the name "The Defenders," there was a much different team with an ever-shifting line-up. But while the ranks of the team changed often, there were a few stalwarts who were almost always there, and for years Doctor Strange could be counted among them.

Perhaps the group most inspired by the Sorcerer Supreme — at least judging by the covers, the song titles, and the lyrics — is Pink Floyd, who used interior art from 1967's Strange Tales #158's "The Sands of Death" on the cover to their 1968 album Saucerful of Secrets. Look closely and you can see both Doctor Strange and the Living Tribunal on the cover. They mention Strange by name in "Cymbaline" from Soundtrack from the Film More released the following year. 

Unlike many of his other heroes who gained their powers through accidents or being born with them, Strange earned his powers by learning the mystic arts and being granted access to them as a Divine Conduit.

As Doctor Strange begins to make progress regaining his power to take Salomé down, his two magical constructs start to rebel against him. It turns out that Doctor Strange’s powers were contaminated by Salomé during their previous battle, and because of this, so were his constructs. They seemingly are turned against him by an external force, which seems to be Salomé’s influence. During the conflict, Doctor Strange winds up destroying Stevens and banishes Paradox to the Dark Dimension. While there, he merged with the rebellion’s Nobel and worked with Clea.

Doctor Strange has left huge footprints on the cultural landscape, and he was doing it long before Benedict Cumberbatch signed any contracts with Marvel. He was a favored figure in the psychedelic and Steve Ditko's crazy extra-dimensional landscapes in Strange Tales were interpreted by some more as drug-aided perception than as mystical journeys. The sorcerer has been mentioned in numerous rock songs and inspired album covers. Considering that, it's downright strange (pun intended) to think that there have been times in between Steve Ditko's conception of the character and now that even some comics fans would respond to the name "Doctor Strange" with something like, "Doctor Who?" (again, pun intended)

In 2016, Abraham Reisman staked out Steve Ditko's Manhattan studio, hoping to get an interview for Vulture even though the reclusive artist hadn't willingly given an interview since 1968. According to Reisman's story, he failed. The best he managed was to get Ditko to answer his studio door, which Ditko promptly shut again after shaking his head in what Reisman describes as "what I assume was disgust."

When supersonic flight isn't fast enough, Strange also has the ability to teleport across incredibly vast distances. It is a different form of teleportation than we normally see in pop culture and is achieved by Strange's ability to create portals.

Marvel Comics and Amy Grant settled in 1991, and the settlement was sealed by the court. We don't know what was agreed or what, if any, damages were paid. However, if you look up Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #15 on Marvel Unlimited or Comixology, you will find an empty, red background replacing Amy Grant's borrowed face.

The Bolts of Balthakk is a spell that called the powers of Balthakk, a being of pure energy. These manifest as electrical discharges and it was confirmed by Avengers: Infinity War professional movement designer Julian Daniels that Strange used these during the Battle of Titan, and they are most likely those orange energy blasts (brighter and stronger than the Crimson Bands) he conjured while fighting Thanos one-on-one.

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His love interest and emergency surgeon Dr. Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams) does her best to help him move on and accept his new circumstances, but as a man too proud and vain to accept an alternative career as a teacher, Doctor Strange becomes obsessed in his search for a way to restore his hands’ motor function to what they were before the accident. After much drifting and searching, he eventually learns about Jonathan Pangborn, a paraplegic who suddenly regained the complete use of his legs. This would eventually lead Doctor Strange to Kamar-Taj where he meets the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) and learns the Mystic Arts, setting him down the path to joining the Avengers in protecting the Earth from Thanos.

Once the allotted time rolls around, Strange takes her on a journey to see her old world, where he discovers the relationship between the real world and the Marvel Comics one. Specifically, he discovers the film based on his own comics. While we don't get any commentary about the infamous Ancient One whitewashing controversy or the fact that they hired a guy named Wong to play Wong, at the very least he seems happy with the casting choice for the main character.