dutch national championship : But Rooderkerken, who is the first women’s champion of the pioneering race, was as welcome as anyone. - debbiebissett.com

But Rooderkerken, who is the first women’s champion of the pioneering race, was as welcome as anyone. After Zwift hosted a fall season’s worth of successful Wednesday night, criterium-style races for the Dutch Olympic Talent Team, the Dutch Cycling Union asked Zwift to oversee a national championship race. The event would be open to any rider, of any ability and from anywhere. The KNWU, understandably, would only include Dutch racers in its official results.

A high quality show inspired by a super interpretation by the MD. Coherent, cohesive and cultured it captured the core essence of the score with a marked stamp of classy excellence.

As a venue for a major championship there are not many in the world as easy to get to. You can step off your flight into Amsterdam, get straight on a train to Utrecht (about 40 mins and costing around 20 euros) and then get off at the railway station and walk five minutes to your hotel and a further 2 minutes to the hall.

Martijn Zijerveld says that he has a lot to celebrate, too. The Royal Dutch Cycling Union felt that the inaugural Zwift Dutch National Championships were a huge success.

Unfortunate moments of unease rob the Don Giovanni scene and it never quite recovers. The essential tether links are lost and it loses its focus and stability.

Much the same fate befell De Bazuin B to close under Sietse Hamersma — a passionate, articulate appreciation of the score just undermined by nervousness in some lead lines and occasional ragged phrasing and tiredness.

'A Buoy' really is a super bit of writing. From ebbing waves of sound at the opening to the sub-zero cool sophistication of the closing section that has a groove sunk deeper into the soul than the Marianas trench.

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Gloria Dei (Jaap Musschenga) could well feature after delivering a performance that had such a well judged balance between the lyrical and the power laden. The little estempe dance was a gem. Passionate but not over-wrought, it was delivered with clear understanding of intent (just the odd moment of unease) and purpose. Bravo.

The key is found in the subtitle. Wilby calls it a 'fantasy' which allows the scope to develop his own thoughts and themes, structures and ideas without ever losing the purity of the original thematic material.

First came a super show from Greidebrass led by MD Marco Middleberg (above), who directed without the benefit of a score but who certainly had every little nuance and detail in his noggin.

'Onlookers' pass by rather but the 'crosstalks' arguments are thumped out with passion and forcefulness.

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'Onlookers' pass the other way somewhat without making an impression but the 'crosstalks' arguments are delivered with the forcefulness of the Rev Ian Paisly in best 'No Surrender' mood.

There is no narrative inspiration or subtext — only that of a concert work that challenges the various skill sets of the performers and conductors.

Its kicks off here at 3.45pm with the seven bands competing in the Fourth Section, followed by the Third. It's hoped that everything will be rounded off by 10.30pm with the results.

They brought character to the music — getting a constancy of pulse that drove the music on even in its lyrical sections — echoing of the coolest dude music of Pat Metheny.