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In plan settings you can edit group. What does this do? I would expect this to be the place where you would change/move the plan to a different group, but it doesnt do anything as far as i can see?

Specify this option to use non-default settings (e.g., use a different authentication method or user).

At any time, you can review your plan settings and fine-tune Audit Database, notification and data collection settings.

By default, Activity Summary lists changes and activity in email body. For most data sources, if an Activity Summaries contains more than 1,000 activity records, these records are sent as a CSV attachment, bigger attachments are compressed in ZIP files.

Please check Windows Update to make sure that you have downloaded and installed all of the latest updates, including optional updates for drivers. Refer to the following steps.

Select this checkbox to write data to a SQL Server instance with connection parameters as shown in Settings → Audit Database. See Audit Database for more information.

C. When the Windows Update control panel opens, click on “Check for Updates” on the top left corner to receive a fresh list of updates.

Method 2: Try to reset the power options by executing the following command from an elevated command prompt.

Specify a new user name and a password for the account that Netwrix Auditor will use to collect data.

How do I restore default power settings in Windows 10? Windows lets you change the power plan settings to reduce the amount of power your computer uses or maximize performance. If you’ve messed up the power plan settings, here are 2 simple ways to restore power plan settings to default in Windows 10.

As an additional note, I have also gone into "Change advanced power settings" and made sure "Sleep" is set to the same settings as in the "edit plan settings" window, which in my case is 30 minutes plugged in.  I have hybrid sleep turned off.

Make sure the account has sufficient permissions to collect data. For a full list of the rights and permissions, and instructions on how to configure them, refer to Data Collecting Account.

Modify a list of users who will receive daily activity summaries. Click Add Recipient and provide email address.

Configure how often you want to receive an Activity Summary. By default, it is delivered once a day, at 3 AM. You can specify custom delivery time and frequency (e.g., every 6 hours starting 12 AM—at 12 AM, 6 AM, 12 PM, 6 PM).

@FrodeH copy plan to existing O365 Group/move plan feature is not available in the planner. The group edit option is to edit the basic details of the O365 Group in which the Plan stays on. 

Some of the reasons to change an APN involve activities in which your cellular provider would rather you not engage, such as avoiding data charges. As a result, you can only view or edit your APN on your mobile device if the carrier allows it. If you can't access your APN, you have to contact your carrier to make any changes.