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The Ferengi get a bad rap. They may make some shady deals, profit from the losses of others, and not give their employees sick leave but if Star Trek shows us anything it is the ability for growth in everyone. Especially in Deep Space 9, we see the growth of Quark, Rom, and Nog from greedy, self-absorbed, cheapskates to greedy, self-absorbed, cheapskates with hearts of gold. Take a page from the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition and see your goals succeed!  Keeping a couple of these rules in your pocket can be a great boost, though maybe not all of them.  May you find success as you travel The Great Material Continuum.

133.  Never judge a customer by the size of his wallet ... sometimes good things come in small packages

187.  If your dancing partner wants to lead at all costs, let her have her own way and ask another one to dance

What collection of Star Trek resources would be complete without a list of the Rules of Acquisition? Found in this list are the 85 canon and official rules, plus a handful of other quotes that could have been rules. (This list does not include the complete reference including the 47 commentaries, 900 major and minor rulings, and 10,000 considered opinions, which is published by the Ferengi Commerce Authority.)

The unofficial Rules have been quoted on screen, but either were not given a number, not explicitly stated to be a Rule, or were not part of the generally-accepted canon by the Ferengi Commerce Authority.

The first mention of the rules within the Star Trek universe was in "The Nagus", an episode of the TV series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Season 1, Episode 10). In a later Deep Space Nine episode, "The Maquis: Part 1", Sakonna (a Vulcan) asks Quark (a Ferengi) to explain what a Rule of Acquisition is. He states, "Every Ferengi business transaction is governed by 285 Rules of Acquisition to ensure a fair and honest deal for all parties concerned... well most of them anyway."[1]

204.  When the Grand Nagus arrives to offer you a business opportunity, it's time to leave town until he's gone

141.  Competition and fair play are mutually exclusive. Fair play and financial loss go hand-in-hand

The Rules of Acquisition are learned by male Ferengi at an early age. This set of rules is meant to guide men of commerce toward acquiring as much wealth as possible. These precepts run their entire lives since, as stated in Rule of Acquisition #18, “A Ferengi without profit is no Ferengi at all.” (From Deep Space 9) At the start of a new year, many of us set goals and make resolutions. Now whether you are bent on making your fortune or just want to profit good things from life, some of these rules could be the key.

Rule of Acquisition #9 “Opportunity plus instinct equals profit.” (DS9)A good Ferengi always has his ears open for opportunity (Rule of Acquisition #7 DS9). Some opportunities may knock but other times you have to go out and get it for yourself.  Quark, our favorite bartender on Deep Space 9, is a prime example of this. He is always listening. It is amazing the things he knows: security codes, favorite drinks, and names of new customers. Mix this with a good sense of instinct and you have got the lobes for profit!

Although it has been stated within Star Trek that there are 285 Rules,[1][3] not all of them have been stated in canon. Most of the Rules were written by Ira Steven Behr, a writer for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, in a book The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition (.mw-parser-output cite.citation{font-style:inherit}.mw-parser-output .citation q{quotes:"\"""\"""'""'"}.mw-parser-output .id-lock-free a,.mw-parser-output .citation .cs1-lock-free a{background:linear-gradient(transparent,transparent),url("//upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/65/Lock-green.svg")right 0.1em center/9px no-repeat}.mw-parser-output .id-lock-limited a,.mw-parser-output .id-lock-registration a,.mw-parser-output .citation .cs1-lock-limited a,.mw-parser-output .citation .cs1-lock-registration a{background:linear-gradient(transparent,transparent),url("//upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d6/Lock-gray-alt-2.svg")right 0.1em center/9px no-repeat}.mw-parser-output .id-lock-subscription a,.mw-parser-output .citation .cs1-lock-subscription a{background:linear-gradient(transparent,transparent),url("//upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/aa/Lock-red-alt-2.svg")right 0.1em center/9px no-repeat}.mw-parser-output .cs1-subscription,.mw-parser-output .cs1-registration{color:#555}.mw-parser-output .cs1-subscription span,.mw-parser-output .cs1-registration span{border-bottom:1px dotted;cursor:help}.mw-parser-output .cs1-ws-icon a{background:linear-gradient(transparent,transparent),url("//upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/4c/Wikisource-logo.svg")right 0.1em center/12px no-repeat}.mw-parser-output code.cs1-code{color:inherit;background:inherit;border:none;padding:inherit}.mw-parser-output .cs1-hidden-error{display:none;font-size:100%}.mw-parser-output .cs1-visible-error{font-size:100%}.mw-parser-output .cs1-maint{display:none;color:#33aa33;margin-left:0.3em}.mw-parser-output .cs1-format{font-size:95%}.mw-parser-output .cs1-kern-left,.mw-parser-output .cs1-kern-wl-left{padding-left:0.2em}.mw-parser-output .cs1-kern-right,.mw-parser-output .cs1-kern-wl-right{padding-right:0.2em}.mw-parser-output .citation .mw-selflink{font-weight:inherit}ISBN 0-671-52936-6). The book's cover credits authorship as being "By Quark as told to Ira Steven Behr." Additional rules were published in Legends of the Ferengi (ISBN 0-671-00728-9) by Behr and Robert Hewitt Wolfe, another writer for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine when Behr was the executive producer of the series.[4]

Rule 299: After you’ve exploited someone, it never hurts to thank them. That way, it’s easier to exploit them next time. (“False Profits” [VGR])

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Now replace Latinum with Gold and Ferengi with you-know-what and you’ll have the complete answer to the question ‘how do they control the world today ?’.