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How does the movie compare to Superbad? How do both movies depict growing up and possibly growing apart from childhood friends?

The trailers alone for Good Boys told you everything you needed to know: this film is just two hours of jokes about drugs, sex and assorted crazy antics committed by kids that are too young to even watch the movie they star in. While their misinformed understandings of relationships and how adults function is cute and funny in the first 20 minutes, the film continues to trudge along without adding anything to this high-concept premise.

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Dogs are girls who care. Girls who ask too many questions are dogs. Dogs comment on how high the ceilings are. Dogs want to know who this rooftop really belongs to. Dogs ask what your dads do for work. Dogs post sunsets on Instagram. Dogs throw up when they drink tequila. Dogs beg for games of rooftop tennis. Dogs ask where the Eiffel Tower is. Dogs wear too much perfume. Dogs stink. Dogs get mad when the boys kiss me or Zoe. Dogs don’t know how to keep it casual. Dogs whine. Dogs don’t want the boys to be happy. Dogs want to be held after sex, to be petted, to be taken care of. Dogs make a big deal when you get them pregnant. Dogs don’t know how to just take care of it while you’re with your boys in Greece. Dogs are too loud. Dogs get excited too fast. Dogs need you. Dogs just don’t get it. Dogs don’t get to hang out on the roof. It’s too high, they’re too wild, they might fall and then we’d have to catch them or something.

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Families can talk about Good Boys' depiction of alcohol and drugs. Are these things made to look cool or glamorous? How so? Are there consequences for using them?

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How strong is the movie's violence? Is it cartoonish, or realistic? Is it shocking, or does it make you cheer? How does the movie achieve this effect?

The house has three floors. The ceilings are high. I know that if one of the boys fell off the rooftop he’d die. I know that none of the boys will fall off—not tonight, at least. Tonight, they’re not roughhousing or drinking tequila or annoying me. They’ve left the tennis rackets on the second floor, and they want to tell us about their trip to Greece. In Greece, the cigarettes are cheap. They filled an entire suitcase with little yellow boxes of George Karelias and Sons. They say we can smoke as many as we want. They’re proud. The cigarettes are so cheap. The boys are so proud. We laugh. Zoe laughs like Tinkerbell, the air whistling between the gaps in her teeth. She’s definitely not a dog.

Another surprising high point of the film is its strong emotional core, which shows itself more towards the end. Even though the bulk of the film is hell-bent on being Superbad with child actors, needlessly winding between plot points and dirty jokes, the ending reassures us that growing up is a necessary part of life; and while we might mature with age, there’s nothing wrong with holding onto our youth. While a nice sentiment in an otherwise story-poor film, unfortunately, that message and the few strong jokes alone don’t quite justify the ticket price.

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Comical fight in a frat house; college students shot in private parts with a paint gun. Bashing with wooden paddles. Judo throws. Tween punched in face. Horrifying dislocated arm, dangling out of tween's coat sleeve. Painful setting of dislocated arm. Boys cross a busy freeway. Vomiting. General destruction of a living room.

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