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Infertility (Problem in conceiving a baby) : Swayamvar parvati helps to induce positive vibration and helps in improving the love life between couples and helps a woman to conceive when fate is her favour.

She is the harmonizing force between ascetics and a householder. Parvati even calms Lord Shiva during his Tandava dance. Moreover, Parvati is portrayed as the ideal wife, householder, and mother in the Hindu legends.

Indra sends the God of desire and erotic love, God Kama, to awaken Lord Shiva from his state of meditation. The Kama shot an arrow of desire on Lord Shiva. However, Lord Shiva opened his third eye and burned the Kama to ashes.

The Goddess Parvati is a calm and serene Hindu Goddess, full of love. Parvati is also considered a Fertility Goddess and her devotees usually ask her for good marriages, for solving love affairs and for attracting love in a general way.

In the Shakta texts, Parvati even transcends Lord Shiva and is identified as the Supreme Being. She blesses devotees with marital felicity. She even symbolizes different virtues such as marital felicity, fertility, devotion to the spouse, and power.

Finally Parvati realized that to win Shiva’s heart, she had to relate to him by his interests and show him what she was made out of.

Lord Kartikeya is very popular with Tamil Hindus and predominantly worshiped in South India. He is often called “the God of the Tamils.”

In this guise she is pretty good and benevolent, but there is a Kali side to her nature as well. Watch out if her eyes go red.

As mentioned in Shiva Purana, one day when Parvati covered Shiva’s eyes from behind, Parvati’s hand sweated from the massive energy and a sweat droplet fell on the ground. From the sweat was born a dark blind child. Shiva and Parvati named their son Andakha (meaning born in darkness). Later Shiva offered Andakha to asura Hiranyaksha who has prayed Shiva for a child. In the course of time Andakha, who was granted a boon from Brahma, tried to abduct extremely beautiful goddess Parvati, without knowing that she was his mother. Later Shiva fought with Andakha and taught him a lesson, which made him realize that goddess Parvati was his real mother. Andakha realizing his mistakes asked for forgiveness and forgiven by both Shiva and Parvati.

She is also recognized as one of the five equivalent deities which are worshiped in the Panchayatana Puja of the Smarta Tradition in the Hinduism.

The yoni-lingam icon is widespread in Shaivite Hindu temples. The yoni-lingam representation is called as Shivalinga. It shows the union of feminine and masculine energies that is responsible for recreation and regeneration of all life.

Goddess Sati took birth again on earth as the daughter of King Himavat and Queen Mena. They named her Parvati. Narad Muni came to look at the baby and declared she is destined to marry Shiva. While growing up, she would lose herself thinking about Lord Shiva.

In this Varaha Kalpa, O goddess, you became Parvati obtained by Himavan through his penance, when the Chakshusha Manvantara has passed off. O beautiful lady, due to the anger of Daksha you had to be separated from me for the duration of a day of Brahma. Your span of life is the period of his six months.

Ardhanarishwara is the combined form of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, depicted as a single body – right half is of Shiva and another half is of Parvati. Parashakti created Shiva out of herself to balance both the feminine and masculine energies. When Adi Parashakti devolved her power as a Parvati and became the consort of Shiva, it was important to show the whole world that Shiva and Parvati are a single entity, there are both father and mother, both ascetic and worldling both fearsome and gentle and both constructive and destructive, by showing their Ardanarishvara form.

When she was of marriageable age, she went to the Himalayas to perform penance and appease Lord Shiva and marry him. Lord Shiva was impressed by her devotion and knew about her desire, but he was still in mourning for Goddess Sati. He asked Parvati to serve him as the dasi, as he thought that the rough life will dissuade her. Parvati was pleased to serve him and stayed with him for many years.

Goddess Meenakshi one of the incarnations of Goddess Parvati was born to a childless Pandyan King Malayadwaja Pandyan and Queen Kanchanamala of Madurai, from a pit of fire. She was called Meenakshi because of her fish-shaped eyes. The strange thing was, the goddess had three breasts. The king was told that her third breast would disappear the day she met her soulmate. She was raised as an undefeatable warier and was crowned the successor of the kingdom. In the course of conquering the world she reached Mount Kailash and met Lord Shiva as “Sundareshwor”, and her third breast disappeared. Thus, she took the Lord to her kingdom and got married.