jaguar factory tour : After a refreshing welcome drink, you'll be shown to the brand new Jaguar Land Rover Body In White facility. -

After a refreshing welcome drink, you'll be shown to the brand new Jaguar Land Rover Body In White facility. Here, you'll join the story as aluminium body panels are formed into unrivalled lightweight architecture.

The Tour at Solihull is extensive so we recommend you dress for comfort and wear sensible footwear. Handbags, rucksacks and other types of hand luggage, are not allowed in the factory. You can leave items securely in The Jaguar Visitor Centre. We want you to be able to get up close to our production vehicles during the Tour. We may supply protective over wear to cover items such as watches, jewellery and belt buckles. Our advice is to leave such items securely at home.

If you're thinking of buying a Jaguar, the Tour offers you the opportunity to explore the hundreds of bespoke elements that’ll make your vehicle unique. Let your imagination come to life as you decide on your paint colours and components, from wheels to veneers, before you order your own bespoke Jaguar.

You need to be over 12-years-old to take part in the Tour. Under-16s must be accompanied by an adult.

Then in Body in White, watch as man and machine work in sync to shape, rivet and bond each bespoke Jaguar car.

You’ll witness first hand how our robot army rivets and bonds in perfect sync, how each vehicle goes from primer to base colour to lacquer, and just how those beautiful rear haunches take shape.

Pose your questions to the experts, and immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring world of Jaguar Land Rover engineering.

Next you'll see how aluminium and steel swarf (waste) is collected, recycled and exported. You'll learn about the cutting edge heating, lighting and rainwater-harvesting systems, and the solar roof whose 21,000 panels generate 30% of the site's energy.

During this tour you’ll discover how the production facility started by serving the nation during the war years, when it was a primary location for building Spitfire fighter aircrafts in the 1940s, to developing its unparalleled expertise in advanced aluminium and building today’s iconic Jaguar vehicles.

Next you'll meet Jaguar Land Rover's robotic army, riveting, sealing and welding in perfect sync, with overhead platforms ensuring a first-class view. Then on to the mind-blowing logistics of Trim and Final, where everything comes together.