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Houston artist Joel Anderson showcases the beauty and versatility of encaustic in his mixed-media paintings. Here you can browse his available artwork originals and prints. Want to see them live and in person? Book a Zoom call or studio visit or check out his exhibition and art festival schedule.

Ever forward-thunking, Anderson has used a loophole in campaign finance rules to be able to spend eight times more money than any other candidate in the 2020 San Diego County Supervisors race. He already has announced his candidacy for the seat term-limited out of by Diane Jacob.

Just a heavily tilted playing field with 200,864 registered Republicans and 148,774 registered Democrats as of October, 2016. No-party preference was indicated by 124,676 voters.

ALEC has long been a secretive collaboration between big business and “conservative” politicians. Behind closed doors, they ghostwrite “model” bills to be introduced in state capitols across the country. This agenda – underwritten by global corporations – includes major tax loopholes for big industries and the super-rich, proposals to offshore U.S. jobs and gut minimum wage, and efforts to weaken public health, safety, and environmental protections.

The group was founded by Paul Weyrich in 1973 to promote a conservative social agenda. Weyrich also co-founded the Heritage Foundation and coined the phrase “moral majority.” It evolved into an organization promoting pro-business, free market doctrines.

Who: Leon Hendrix, Jocko Marcellino, Roni Lee, Greg Douglass, Thomas Alan Connor, and many more… What: live music “Hippie-fest” featuring celebrity musicians, and some of the BEST local San Diego musicians. Where: Full Circle Saloon, 8528 N. Magnolia Ave. Suite 105, Santee, California 92071. When: 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 18, 2019. Why: To celebrate and commemorate the 50th Anniversary Of Woodstock and…

Hamann Family: $30,000 to Fresno GOP Committee; $28,500 from Fresno Committee to Anderson 2010 committee.

Sounds like Fresno, Placer and Stanislaus are doing mighty well off Anderson and his friends, but in fact all this money, minus a small amount retained by the counties, was sent back to Anderson for his planned 2010 campaign for an open State Senate seat. According to the San Diego Union, here’s how much was sent to the committees, and how much was sent back to Anderson:

The state government of Chiapas came up with $895 to cover the Republican’s meals and lodging during the trip, from October 4 through 7, according to his report.

Anderson even endorses the alt-right. He has two columns on Breitbart. In one he rather ironically and humorously in today’s context titled “President Obama. Tear Down This Wall!” It was a rambling discussion of the Berlin Wall as it pertained to the National Security Agency (NSA). Go figure. The other Breitbart column discussed the NSA in light of Richard Nixon and Benjamin Franklin. Don’t ask.