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On your account settings page, you can set English, (Latin American) Spanish, (Brazilian) Portuguese, or other languages as your primary language. You will then see all available Khan Academy content— including articles, videos, and skills— in that language. Learn more about editing your account settings.

Khan Academy provides as many resources as possible to support learners whose primary language is not English. The tools below are helpful for English Language Learners (ELL) and students in English as a Second Language (ESL) programs, and for students who are learning in a language other than English

It's awesome how much people can learn on the internet with enough motivation. Hopefully, we'll keep building out our translations so that more people can learn to code before they even learn English.

And we DO NEED some efforts on ESL - for teaching English for non-natives. It would be a quitte AMAZING tool, for over the +190 countries that are English non-natives. Do you have any orientation about that, using Khan Academy tools? 

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Great question, Beyhan -- I've been wondering why Khan Academy doesn't have English language lessons as it seems to fit in perfectly with the style and goals of their educational mission. I browsed around the site to see if I could find any intent to add that in the future, but came up blank. Perhaps by adding this answer, I can raise your question to the powers-that-be.

We would love some ESL (English Second language) online lessons to help teach English to our students. With all the experience Khan Academy has this would be great.

I need to improve my english language spoken and written skills, i am a advanced student and want to improve language musicality also if there is anyone who can help me please.

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I just watched this TEDx talk where a kid shares his story of learning English and then learning JS on Khan Academy (fast-forward to 4:20):

I know that Khan Academy has expanded to cover many, many subjects now. Khan Academy does teach grammar, which is awesome by the way. I'd also like to request that you make a section that teaches children how to read (at a basic level similar to what is offered on This will be useful for young children who also work on math on Khan Academy, since learning to read will allow them to understand the questions offered in the math section. So please add this feature. Thanks for everything you guys do!!

Is there anything in the works for this? I teach ESL in the United States, and even the Grammar section on Khan Academy is too advanced for my students. 

In addition to English, Khan Academy has been translated into many other languages. You can see the full list of languages and how much has been translated here.You can find those sites in the language drop-down at the bottom of the main Khan Academy page before you log in, or by setting a preferred language for your account.

Am I missing something?  English to French would be helpful, but what I really wanted was Pashto to French which I understand might be difficult to come by...

If you're using the Khan Academy app through an Android device, you can select the language you want the content to appear in using the Language Settings (more details here).

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With the release of the Khan Academy App v6.4.0, we’ve launched a new feature. With it, you will no longer be required to change the language of your device settings to set a different language on the app. Click here to find the steps to change the language in your app.

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