kira nerys : As soon as she was old enough to fight Kira joined Shakaar’s resistance group in the Dakur province. -

As soon as she was old enough to fight Kira joined Shakaar’s resistance group in the Dakur province. She earned a reputation as a skilled guerilla soldier.

Kira was concerned that Bajor had traded one set of alien overlords for another. But working with Starfleet soon convinced her otherwise. Though she didn’t share all of the values of her Starfleet colleagues (most of whom she considered naïve in some respects), she recognized that their hearts were in the right place.

Despite the coming of Bajoran independence, grief would continue to be a constant for Kira. It was she who performed the Bajoran death ritual for Opaka soon after, when the kai was trapped in virtual death in the Gamma Quadrant. The next year Kira was at Bareil's side when a scandal in a no-win scenario during the occupation dashed his chances to become Kai; a year later she faced his death alone on the eve of his Cardassian peace treaty that Winn would later take the credit for. But Kira had some solace, blocking Winn's drive to be secular leader of Bajor as well when she helped diffuse a crisis and bolster her old resistance leader Shakaar to the post instead. She in turn fell in love with him a year later, lending no less a figure than Gul Dukat to note her obvious attachment to strong male personalities. In addition, Kira was also attracted to Tom Riker despite her involvement with Bareil; after his theft of the U.S.S. Defiant, she eventually talked him into taking Dukat and Sisko's deal of surrender with a rare Cardassian prison term that she vows she'll help him escape from some day.

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Nana Tucker was born July 26, 1957, in New York City,[2] the daughter of Nenette Charisse, a ballet teacher, and Robert Tucker, a choreographer; she is a niece of actress/dancer Cyd Charisse.[3]

After Benjamin Sisko’s disappearance at the end of the Dominion War, Kira Nerys was made commander of Deep Space 9.

The next seven years would pit Kira against troubles foreign and domestic. She worked to foil extremist Bajoran political intrigues such as the attempted military coup by the Circle. She also helped to coordinate her peoples’ exploration and colonization of their home system as well as in the Gamma Quadrant.

Visitor was married to Nick Miscusi from 1989 to 1994.[9] They have one child together.[10] Visitor began dating her Star Trek: Deep Space Nine co-star Alexander Siddig and married him in June 1997. They divorced in April 2001.[11] They had a son together, and her pregnancy was incorporated into her character and the series storyline, beginning in the 1996 fourth-season episode "Body Parts." [12][13] She gave birth to her son Django on September 16, 1996, during production of the episode "The Assignment," though her character would remain pregnant until the fifth-season episode "The Begotten." [14] In early 2002, Visitor became engaged to Matthew Rimmer, company manager for the musical Chicago, and they wed in April 2003.[11]

This often allows her to get excellent results against single opponents who have better physical abilities than she does. But it does make her more vulnerable in mass combat situations, frequently making her an early casualty when the crew enters close quarters combat with large numbers of enemies.

Her war for Bajor's liberation had to include murder as well, such as when she helped plasma-bomb the home of Gul Pirak in Hathon, and when she checked aboard the Terok Nor station in 2365 to kill a native collaborator with the Cardassians; the latter took a toll on her soul no amount of eventual victory could erase. Ironically, she met Odo and Quark for the first time on that mission, and was almost caught, the truth not coming to light until years later as the station's post-withdrawal first officer.

After the resistance forced the Cardassians to abandon their occupation of Bajor, Kira became part of the newly-formed Bajoran Militia. She was assigned a position as Bajoran liaison and first officer on Deep Space 9.

Kira was kidnapped in 2371 and surgically altered to be Cardassian as a pawn in an elaborate Obsidian Order plot to expose her alter ego's father, a powerful legate, as a Cardassian dissident; after his rescue they formed an odd bond. Later that year, she was chosen as Presider for DS9's Gratitude Festival shortly before Bariel's sudden death and had planned to spend the holiday with him but fell for Bashir instead, thanks to Lwaxana Troi's Zanthi fever — which only acts in case of latent relationships.