larry aszmann : The company had its initial public offering on October 15, 2007, became profitable for the first time in Q3 2008 and was profitable in consecutive quarters since. -

The company had its initial public offering on October 15, 2007, became profitable for the first time in Q3 2008 and was profitable in consecutive quarters since. On February 11, 2010, it announced Q4 2009 revenues had increased 35 percent over Q4 2008, the company’s 17th consecutive quarter of revenue growth, with full year revenue of $125.3 million.[2]

Pillar is Mike Workman's baby. It's a carefully crafted product with Workman's hands-on management style all over it, including in its marketing and sales. He's a no-bullshit, hands-on chief exec with the down-to-earth style of an experienced disk storage engineering guy who's been around the block a good few times, some with Big Blue, and knows the score.

Over at they have just started the second "Ask the Expert" session, this time featuring Larry Aszmann, CTO of Compellent Technologies. You can view Larry’s presentation online, and then Larry has promised to stick around for a few weeks to answer your questions.

And crumbs was all Pillar got. While 3PAR and Compellent powered their way to multi-million dollar acquisition exits for their VC backers and founders Pillar struggled to get traction. In 10 years it sold just 1,500 systems to around 600 customers. These customers loved the product and the company; there just weren't enough of them.

EMC is the largest of all Dell acquisitions and possible in the technology sector in general. One of the largest global computer data storage corporation. Richard Egan and Roger Marino founded the corporation in 1979. Services and products include data storage, archiving, backup, content management, virtualizations (VMware), cloud computing, data computing, customer support and more.

The company headquarters occupies the first commercial facility in Minnesota's Twin Cities region to receive a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) designation, now Gold-certified, from the United States Green Building Council.[6] Compellent’s Eden Prairie campus has sustainable design elements such as waterless urinals and drip irrigation systems for landscaping that cut water consumption by 40 percent, energy-efficient HVAC equipment with carbon dioxide monitors, and low emission paints and adhesives. In addition, 75 percent of the building’s construction waste was recycled.[7]

Contrast that with Dell parading Phil Soran, Compellent's CEO, when it bought that company, or HP showing off 3PAR's David Scott when it bought his company. Mike Workman was banished from Oracle's stage.

Transcription service has unleashed another remote-working survey. Today's report revealed that not only are workers not bothering to dispense with nightwear, a minority are content to virtually meet with just their undercrackers on.

Israel company founded in 2000 by Giora Yaron and Yossi Ben-Shoshan. Providing file-level computer data storage server hooked to a server network which provide data access to many clients. Their software solutions are independent of hardware and supports Windows Mac and Linux. Acquired February 2010.

Provides infrastructure for software automation services, helping companies automate its computing, storage and network resources. Also provides management of big data centres.

In 2009, Computerworld magazine honored Compellent as a top green IT vendor for its corporate and technology efforts to reduce power consumption and lower carbon emissions.[8]

Security service company protecting customers, networks and large organizations including Fortune 100 companies from virus, botnets, data breaches and related cyber-attacks. It was founded in 1998 by Michael Pearson and Joan Wilbanks, Dell acquired it on 4 January 2011.

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