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Our contract of carriage with you (including these conditions of carriage and exclusions or limits of liability) applies to our authorised agents, servants, employees and representatives in the same way as it applies to us. As a result, the total amount you can recover from us and our authorised agents, servants, employees, and representatives will not be more than the total amount of our own liability, if any.

You must not include fragile or perishable items in your checked baggage (bags to be checked into the hold), and we will not be liable for damages to, fragile or perishable items or items of special value such as but not limited to:

Itinerary and receipt – a document or documents we or our authorised agents issue on paper, by e-mail, or deliver electronically to passengers travelling with electronic tickets.  It contains the passenger’s name, flight information and a receipt.

3          This may involve sending your personal information outside the European Economic Area.   We will only do so where required to comply with relevant laws and legislation.   We will never sell your personal data. 

A medical letter is required stating the duration of pregnancy and fitness for travel after 28 weeks. Travel is not permitted after 36 weeks or within 7 days of the expected date of delivery. New mothers may only travel within 7 days of giving birth on completion of the required medical form.

We may decide to refuse to give you a refund if you apply for it after the end of the ticket validity period.

We or our authorised agents will work out the fare for your ticket which applies under our tariff on the date you pay for it. The fare will be for travel on the specific dates and itinerary shown on your ticket.

Right of Refusal. We reserve the right, at our absolute discretion, to refuse to carry any animals.  All carriage is in accordance with the conditions of carriage detailed in the current edition of the IATA Live Animals Regulations.

Check-in deadline – the time limit we have set by which you must have completed check-in and received your boarding pass.

Loganair allows Fly and Fly Flex passengers to carry one item of hand luggage weighing up to 6 kg only and with maximum dimensions of 40 x 35 x 18 cm (including handles and wheels). Fly Flex + passengers may bring one 6 kg bag, plus a laptop.

We cannot guarantee that you will be able to sit in any particular seat, but will allocate a seat to each customer either through their choosing at the time of making their reservation, for which a fee may apply, or without charge as you check-in for your flight.

Exceptional baggage such as sports equipment and musical instruments can be checked into the hold. However, these will only be accepted if space is available. If no space is available, the items can be carried on the next available flight, and the passenger is responsible for collecting the equipment from the airport.

D          If you have specific requirements, you should advise us of those requirements at least 48 hours prior to your travel. Passengers with specific requirements should ensure that they are at the boarding gate when the announcement for pre-boarding is made.

If, as a result of your behaviour, we divert the aircraft to an unscheduled place of destination and make you leave the aircraft, you must pay us the reasonable and proper costs of the diversion.

Loganair Limited is a company registered in Scotland, company registration number SC170072, with its registered office at Lightyear Building, Marchburn Drive, Glasgow Airport, Paisley PA3 2SJ.

If you want to change all or part of your transportation, you must contact us beforehand. We will work out the revised fare for your changed transportation. You will have the option of either accepting the revised fare or maintaining your original transportation. A fee to change your reservation may be applicable.

Due to the size of aircraft we operate or facilities at either your departure or arrival airport (including any stopover) we may not be able to provide certain types of assistance or handle heavy or bulky mobility aids. You must ensure that you enquire as to the availability of assistance you may require prior to making your booking.

Baggage – your personal property accompanying you on your flight.  Unless we say otherwise, this consists of your checked and unchecked baggage.

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