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Anyone who has been diagnosed with a Cluster C personality disorder is afraid of relationships and shows fear and anxiety around people. They may also become withdrawn from society.

As well as listening and discussing important issues with the person, the therapist may identify strategies to resolve problems and, if necessary, help them change their attitudes and behaviour.

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Treatment for a personality disorder usually involves a talking therapy. This is where the person talks to a therapist to get a better understanding of their own thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Those displaying a Cluster B personality disorder would have problems relating to others and would come across as dramatic, impulsive, erratic and threatening in their behaviour.

Personality is the combination of thoughts, emotions and behaviors that makes you unique. It's the way you view, understand and relate to the outside world, as well as how you see yourself. Personality forms during childhood, shaped through an interaction of:

There are ten different types of personality disorders which can be grouped into three broad clusters – A, B or C:

Genetic make-up, biological, and environmental factors all help to shape an individual’s personality.

Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder is not the same as obsessive-compulsive disorder, a type of anxiety disorder.