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Red Fox Labs are usually a solid deep-red color all over. It is important to remember that this ‘fox-red’ color is actually classed as a dark shade of yellow.

We have owned and hunted with German Shorthaired Pointers for a very long time. Our German Shorthaired Pointers have a very keen sense of smell and we breed them to be all purpose hunters and gun dogs. They are diligent hunting dogs in all types of terrain, and will also retrieve from the water. Although their coat is not waterproof like a Lab’s, their strong desire to retrieve is what sends them into the water, regardless of the temperature.

Krautkramer Gold Star (Star) – Star is a very good looking affectionate and social yellow Labrador…   Continue

Lots of reassurance and encouragement will be required and positive reinforcement is the preferred method where training is concerned.

The Red Lab is well-suited to the family environment as they are very friendly and playful and adore all the attention they receive.

COUNTRY LABS, where Labrador puppies are raised with love, dedication, and devotion; responsibly bred with expert planning that includes diverse genetics and extensive health testing.  Many of our Labs excel in hunting, service work, medical alert, emotional support, therapy, agility, dock diving, obedience, show, and of course what Labs do best, becoming great family pets!

Occasionally, Red Fox Labs have slightly deeper pink features around their muzzle either in skin pigmentation or skin.

Labs are more at home with more active families as they have quite high energy levels and will require plenty of exercise each day.

Ranking as the 3rd most popular dog breed in America, it is unsurprising that the Golden Retriever is a dog we all know and love. However, the English Cream Golden Retriever may not be a breed you are as familiar with: What is the difference Continue Reading →

They also have an official breed club (The Labrador Retriever Club Inc) which was established in 1931 to promote breed health and standardization and sustainable breeding.

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Labs would retrieve ducks and fish, which had escaped the primitive trapping methods. Well known for their ‘soft mouth,’ historically they would retrieve and carry game gently without puncturing the skin.

We have one very special male available for sale. His name is CP Stosh's Red Pointing Maverick. Maverick comes from 9 generations of GMPR.  Maverick lives in Holland, Michigan. 

Hi Jayden- We have an English/American litter with puppies available. Email/call us for more info on this or upcoming litters [email protected] or 715-554-4822

Technically classed as a darker shade of yellow, rather than a color in its own right, the deep fox red color variation is very rare.

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