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After my meeting with Shukla, almost instantly, a cigarette seller set up a wayside shop outside my Ratendone Road (later renamed Amrita Shergill Marg) bungalow so that two crew-cut men holding bicycles, pretending to be his customers, could keep a watch on my movements and visitors. At this level, intelligence in India is ham-handed. Kuldip Nayar had already been put behind bars for his writings and events seemed to be moving towards my incarceration as well. I opened a particularly good brand of Scotch before saying a virtual farewell to my home that night. But nothing happened. They did not come for me.

Shukla pretended to take umbrage over my remarks. I cut short the interview by pointing to the long queue of people waiting to see him. His parting shot was: “I shall not speak to you about this subject again.”

Singh lived a full life until the end. He was a regular on the diplomatic circuit in Delhi and meticulous in writing his column for the Tribune and Asian Age, before he was hospitalised recently.

AIML stands for Artificial Intelligence Markup Language. AIML is XML based markup language meant to create artificial intelligent application to create human interface. Using AIML, the implementation remains easy to program and highly maintainable. However, the development for AIML has become rather stagnant and AIML 1.0 (the one which has a python interpreter) has a documentation dating back to 2005, making it quite obsolete. Nevertheless, AIML is easy to learn and fun to use. At the very basic level, AIML recognizes patterns and gives responses as programmed. The patterns are called categories and responses are called templates. A very basic AIML code looks like this:

"Pawri ho rahi hai" (the party is on) began trending on the Internet after a video of Pakistani Instagram influencer and content creator Dananeer Mobeen surfaced online and people started using to it to makes memes and send across messages.

The civil aviation ministry had set the 80 per cent limit on December 3, 2020, without specifying till what date it would remain in place.

India resumed domestic passenger flights on May 25 last year after a gap of two months due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The airlines are currently allowed to operate a maximum of 80 per cent of their pre-COVID-19 domestic flights.

"But number of domestic fliers is holding steady. 2,47,037 fliers on 2330 flights on 19 March 2021. More than 26.3 million fliers since 25 May," he tweeted.

Vidya Charan Shukla, the scion of a well-known political family from Madhya Pradesh, was given the information and broadcasting portfolio in Indira’s cabinet after the incumbent, IK Gujral, was unceremoniously removed. While newspapers and other magazines and journals had to follow censorship rules and carry news items based on government handouts, I thought of placing such items as the predictable approval of bills pushed through a pliable Parliament on inside pages. It was another form of protest but I was not in breach of rules.

I resigned on 7 November 1979 and did not change my mind because I could see the writing on the wall. Irani was determined to control every aspect of the paper, with the trusts making him the virtual owner, the Board of Directors in his pocket and his fight against the Emergency giving him a halo. Unlike Pran Chopra (the first Indian editor of The Statesman), I did not see any merit in running a campaign against Irani. I felt sad, terribly sad because I had grown up with The Statesman and was professionally formed by it. Also, I had empathy for the city of Calcutta, which, despite the multitude of problems it faced, had a soul. And The Statesman was very much part of the city.

Aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) had informed on Wednesday that the passenger load factor in February has shown increasing trend compared to previous month primarily due to beginning of tourist season.

Nau Nihal Singh had ordered the construction of a bunga (tower) in the complex of Tarn Taran Sahib, one of the Holiest Sikh Shrines in the Majha Region of Punjab Kingdom.[citation needed]

All one has to do to create a chatbot using AIML, is to make up a list of .aiml files containing categories like the one defined above and use the aiml library for python to import them into a kernel using a startup.xml file which looks like this:

This should listen to an audio input once from the microphone. However this can produce a series of warnings and errors. Resolution for some errors can be found in the Troubleshooting section of this page.