shoegazing related people : First of all, the shoes should get a good cleaning, and old shoe cream and polish removed. -

First of all, the shoes should get a good cleaning, and old shoe cream and polish removed. Start by removing any shoelaces (however, they can stay in the standard everyday routine) and wipe the shoes with a damp cloth so that they are completely free of dust and dirt. Then you can either take a form of leather shampoo/leather soap or gall soap that lathers and wash them thoroughly under running water, whereupon the shoes must be left to dry first with wrinkled newspaper and then shoe trees in them until they are completely dry. This is best for shoes that are really dirty. Otherwise, a good option is to use with a leather cleaner such as Saphir Reno’mat, where the shoes do not need to be rinsed in water, you apply the product on a cotton clothand rub hard and carefully over the entire shoe. If there is a lot of cream that needs to be removed, go over them again until you feel that the leather starts to get clean and pores open. Then allow the shoes to rest until they are completely dry, it may vary the amount of time needed, but at least 30 minutes.

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For beginners, I usually go over the entire shoes two times with a very thin layer of polish. Here you do not have to wait for it to dry. Also put polish on the sole edge, but not on the tongue, it’s not necessary. More polishthan this isn’t needed on the edges or the moving parts of the shoe, since the shiny surface will still disappear there when the shoe moves, and too thick layers will only crack and it can look really ugly. However, you may choose to continue working with toe and heel, to get an even better shine there. You simply proceed with the same procedure, thin layers of polish that are built on each other with fast movements. After a while you will notice how the surface changes and a natural shine will appear. It is recommended, especially if you aren’t too used to shining shoes, to take a break every now and then and allow the polish to dry before continuing. It’s mainly a matter of time.

Here a cotton cloth definitely is to recommend, wrap it around your fingers and put on a really small amount of polish. Dip a finger quickly into the water and put it on the shoe, and work out the polish with small, fast circular movements. Here I think it works best when using only a very light pressure, and allows the heat generated by the speed of the movements to do the job. The moisture makes it slip very easily without friction, but water splashes should not be formed on shoe, then the cloth has become too moist. If this happens change to a dry part on the cloth and continue.

The 21st Century rehabilitation of Slowdive’s reputation is largely down to the lingering echoes from their second album ‘Souvlaki’. Criminally ridiculed in 1993 amid the Britpop fanfare, for over twenty years it hung around like a rather lovely smell until today it’s seen as the defining statement of this self-celebratory scene thanks to Neil Halstead’s desolate lyrics – he’d recently split from singer Rachel Goswell – and lustrous tunes like ‘Machine Gun’ sounding less lost in the (p)haze. Sessions with Brian Eno also inspired songwriter Halstead to discover dub, ambient and Aphex Twin albums, helping him do the impossible – give mist an edge.

If you are a beginner, it’s not certain that you achieve a good result even if you’ve followed the above in detail. It’s about having that feel for how it should be done, to get a good result, and the only way to get there is through practice. It’s as if you are cooking a meal and fail even though you’ve followed the recipe completely correct, if you lack the feel for cooking it still can go wrong.

As if Ride heard ‘Loveless’ and knew the game was up in terms of screwing around with the possibilities of guitar, then watched Newman And Baddiel mock them as dozy dullards on The Mary Whitehouse Experience and realised they needed to be less wet and wafty, for their second album scene pioneers Ride simply turned the volume up to ‘Gas Giant’ and set about writing some of the most gargantuan funk, rock and pop tunes of the 90s. ‘Twistarella’ – their own ‘Friday I’m In Love’ – and ‘Leave Them All Behind’ propelled shoegazing into a grander melodic sphere, while ‘OX4’ was reportedly classified as a planet in its own right by NASA, until the drugs wore off.

Each type of leather shoes will require a slightly different set of tools or require different care. the best way to clean leather shoes is to change sole and remove excess dirt with a fine cloth or soft brush

As a root influence on the movement with Spacemen 3, Jason Pierce was surfing the solar winds long before shoegazing came along. So his first album with Spiritualized, while only distantly connected to the scene, showed all of these home counties wannabes how to study their sneakers in style. Narcotic dream-pop and intergalactic rock drifted across this double disc like celestial bodies waltzing. If Kubrick rocked…

The Boo Radleys’ acknowledged masterpiece – 1993’s ‘Giant Steps’, containing the decade-demolishing ‘Lazarus’ – was too much of a shift towards their mid-90s psych-pop incarnation to be allowed to do its dubby skank along shoegaze’s top table. That record belongs in Albums Of The Decade lists, whereas their previous record ‘Everything’s Alright Forever’ was perfectly placed to encapsulate the full shoegaze vista, from the fouled beauty of ‘Loveless’ to the oceanic swells of ‘Nowhere’ and the scorched grunge of early Teenage Fanclub. Plus, Martin Carr’s blood pumped with the Merseyside gene, so ‘Everything’s Alright Forever’ swarmed with the sort of half-buried pop melodies that many shoegaze bands lost in the gaps between their effects pedals.

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Now it’s time for shoe cream, a thick cream often found in glass jars or tubs, not to be confused with wax polish that we use in the next step. It is caring, protective and if it is pigmented it also recolours. I recommend using pigmented cream, or at least polish (which does not color as much), since it has the golden feature that it covers over the scratches and marks you inevitably get on a pair of shoes. Neutral cream doesn’t do this in the same way. Just neutral cream and polish I personally only think should be used if you have an advanced antique-treated shoe or two-tone model that you don’t want to change the colour on. Even then, pigmented cream may be good if you want to cover any scratches, but then you go with neutral on the rest of the shoe.

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