stay schemin common : During a radio interview, Birdman responded to a question about his position on the beef. -

During a radio interview, Birdman responded to a question about his position on the beef. He was clear in stating that Young Money isn’t in the business of profiting from diss records, but he also vowed to support Drake in whatever way he needed. “Drake the homie so we ride or die, ain’t no second questions about that, but we’ve never been a brand to make records and want to make money off of making records off other people, that’s not what we bout,” he said. “So to me, however the young homie deal with it, we behind him, we supporting him 100 percent with our life, so that’s just what it is.”

Quotable Lyrics"Say my name, say my name If no one is around you If you ain't running game Say my name, say my name You acting kinda shady Why the sudden change? Say my name, say my name If no one is around you"

Drake simply means common is a great rapper but acts like a broad(a woman less respectable than a lady but much more respectable than a biaach)

Geto Boys frontman Scarface addressed the clash on Twitter, commenting on the negativity that surrounds rap battles--“There is a certain level of respect all men have to have for one another any form of disrespect means you are prepared to DIE #f--karapbeef"--which prompted a retweet from Rick Ross. The Weeknd, on the other hand, clearly took sides, writing: “That was the worst comeback ive ever heard,” he wrote. “Reminds me of someone’s drunk uncle."

Update: Common has directly addressed and dissed Drake in the “Stay Schemin” remix. “Make no mistake I’m talking to Drake.“

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The greatest artists know that when it comes to artistic license and hip-hop’s over the top braggadocio, it’s not about what you can prove, but what you can sell. It’s fitting that “Stay Schemin” was a Rick Ross record, because Ross was then in the midst of punching through damaging allegations of being a corrections officer (a literal antithesis to his drug kingpin image) with great music that doubled down on the crime rhyme narratives.

[Common] My motto is: Chicago, b!tch Everybody know you sweet, what the problem is Don’t play dumb, I’m the one that acknowledged it Son of a b!tch, I imagine what your father is She said, “How you make your opponent, the rapper of the moment?” His style, he don’t own it Acting all hard when he hardly like that You gon’ mess around and make me catch a body like that, ooooh Don’t do it ‘Cause every song you make Joe is really hoe music I heard you said you wasn’t a b!tch because you sing You a b!tch because you cling like a b!tch that’s eighteen Can’t say my name but rap about a nigga’s wife You so black and white, tryna to live a nigga’s life I’m taking too long with this amateur guy You ain’t wet nobody, nigga, you Canada dry

Stay schemin’ Niggas tryna get at me (dawg) I ride for my niggas Stay schemin’ Niggas tryna get at me (dawg) I ride for my niggas

Common then said the following in an interview when he heard that Drake caught feelings when he heard “Sweet”:

That’s not to say that suspending disbelief of his steely on-mic character isn’t hard when you consider that he’s the same man who got discombobulated when a woman flashed him at a show. But those who bemoan that he hasn’t yet gotten back into acting haven’t been paying attention. Today, aesthetics are everything, in any industry. One must merely look the part to dupe someone into buying into it. Drake is a multi-talented shape-shifter, capable of portraying a yearning lover or an all-powerful syndicate head, depending on what cohort he wants to indulge. Mainstream rap success is dependent on what you can sell, and he’s a master pitchman. It’s fitting that he first tapped into those skills on a track called “Stay Schemin.”

Over the past 72 hours, the tension that’s been building between Drake and Common since December finally peaked, thanks to Common’s retaliatory lines on “Stay Schemin (Remix).” Leaving his target’s verse on Rick Ross’ original song intact, Common delivers his blow, boldly calling Drake out by name, leaving no more room for “subliminal shots.” The gauntlet has officially been thrown and now Drake makes the decision to let it all rest, or dive in headfirst. For Common--who quieted Ice Cube's talk of him being a “soft” rapper in 1996 on “The Bitch In Yoo”--the battle is just a natural part of the game. “It’s just about MCing and once you step in there, you’re in the ring baby," Common says. “Especially if you’re gonna say ‘I’m the champion.’” Check out the timeline of Common and Drake’s beef.

Yo wtf… I’ve just discovered this song and as much as I love both sides and their respective work I never knew about this beef. Drake’s position in the business is undeniably top… but he got smashed without no precedence!