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Very buggy emulator. Freezes in codm. Game is not payable. I thought that it's time to upgrade hardware, but found out many similar complains from users with much powerful PC. Freezes reported since 2...

Игроки по всему миру и до этого играли в мобильную версию PUBG, устанавливая ее в различных эмуляторах и ругая всяческие неудобства настроек или производительности.

Obviously, the system requirements of Tencent Gaming Buddy Official Installer is pretty low. So, you can use it to play games on a low-end PC/laptop. If you have a PC or laptop with better conditions, you can play games with a better experience.

Playing PUBG Mobile on PC with the aid of this emulator, gives you total control, gameplay is better, you will be able to shoot very well and like I said earlier, Tencent will make sure you are only paired against people using an emulator. With PUBG Mobile on PC, you will be using your mouse and keyboard instead of the touchscreen which makes the whole gaming experience really fun and immersive.

Скачайте и установите Tencent gaming buddy - и вы сможете убедиться, что это очень удобный, быстрый и простой эмулятор, без встроенных приложений и навязчивой рекламы.

После первого шага навстречу фанатам PUBG, разработчики, вторым - добавили и остальные свои игры в Tencent gaming buddy:

Отвратительный эмулятор, игры фризят и лагают. Вечные вылеты, проблемы с текстурами в том же pubg. Ужас. Не сксчивайте это

Tencent Gaming Buddy comes with a full-screen mode, which ensures better viewing. With this emulator’s fast and responsive interface, you don’t experience any delays. Moreover, you can easily switch between Ultra HD, Full HD, and HD to improve your experience with Android games on PC.

The error may happen in the process of downloading. In that case, you can try to delete the broken file and download the file again. Next, you install the emulator again following those steps. If it doesn't work, you should check your internet connection and PC/laptop system. Make sure that your PC meets the minimum requirements of the installation.

Tencent Gaming Buddy is an in-house emulator from Tencent, the developer of PUBG Mobile. The amassed lot of downloads on the Google Play store due to the attention it’s getting.

There is a simple solution to this problem, just rest the keys on your Tencent Gaming Buddy download for PC. You can do this by following the steps as I say. Select the control tables in in-game settings. Then select customize and then click on reset but do not forget to save afterward. This will reset all the key bindings to the game and your problem will be solved.

Tencent Gaming Buddy has a lot of amazing features for you to enjoy mobile games on PC/laptop. Firstly, it offers control customization options for players to set up control buttons on the keyboard and mouse. PUBG Mobile players can set up control based on their preferences. In addition, Gaming Buddy also offers some hotkeys for ADS skills while playing the game.

This issue purely depends on the type of hardware you are using or on the capability of your gaming setup. Still, I can suggest you some settings that might help you in your gameplay. First of all, try running Compatibility Troubleshooter from the properties tab. Yes, if your windows version is 7 or earlier, you need to install Directx to play Tencent game buddy.

Have you been searching or looking for how you can play PUBG on your PC? Then you are on the right page. PUBG Mobile is one of the most addictive games you can ever play in 2018 even after the arrival of Fortnite Mobile. Many people all over the world are playing PUBG Mobile. The game which was developed by TENCENT has over 350 million players but many people playing this on mobile have been experiencing a problem with shooting because shooters don’t work perfectly on touch screen hence the need for a capable emulator to play the game on PC.

Tencent Gaming Buddy is the best Android emulator for playing PUBG Mobile on Windows PC. It is an official gaming emulator of PUBG mobile (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds). Tencent emulator developed to provide better gaming controls, you can easily play Android games through mouse and keyboard and also connect other gaming consoles as well.

It's actually an Android gaming emulator developed and distributed by Tencent Games, one of two owners of PUBG Mobile. It lets you play the most popular mobile games in the world on the PC platform, such as PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, Auto Chess, Mobile Legends, etc.

Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator lets you play PUBG mobile and other Tencent games with amazing graphics. It is known for providing the best graphics and good interface, but the graphics of the game depends upon the PC’s specifications.

A lot of emulators available online provide you with good compatibility for Android games. However, Tencent Gaming Buddy optimizes the experience for PUBG Mobile. If you’ve been a fan of this game, you won’t find a better emulator to play PUBG on your Windows PC. Tencent Gaming Buddy offers a functional, enjoyable, and complete gaming experience.

Tencent Gaming Buddy has been designed only for gaming and lets Windows users play a wide range of Android games on PC. With this amazing tool, you’ll be able to enjoy games like PUBG Mobile, Piano King, and more.

В отличие от альтернативных продуктов, данная программа имеет очень мощный процессор, что позволяет ей запускать совершенно любые мобильные игры – даже самые требовательные и слабо оптимизированные. Что касается приложений и обычных программ, то они так же могут свободно открываться.