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A bumbling error at the Ministry Of Education results in Nutbourne Boys School having to share with St Swithin's School For Girls. This bemuses the respective head teachers of each school and leads to all manner of chaotic goings on, however the two are forced to come to an uneasy alliance in the hope of averting major trouble.The Happiest Days Of Your Life is based on the John Dighton play from 1948, with Dighton writing the part of Headmistress Whitchurch specifically for Margaret Rutherford. Replacing George Howe from the play in the role of Headmaster Pond, is Alastair Sim, and herein lies the crowning glory of this filmic adaptation, Sim & Rutherford are perfectly wonderful, bouncing off each other to keep what is basically a one joke movie, highly entertaining. Directed by the gifted Frank Launder, and produced by the equally adroit Sidney Gilliat, The Happiest Days Of Your Life is a quintessentially British movie, obviously a precursor to the St Trinians franchise, the film entertains the children with it's high jinks clash of the sexes heart, whilst tickling the watching adults with its very saucy undercurrent. Thankfully the chaotic ending cements all that has gone before it to leave this particular viewer with a grin as wide as Nutbourne Rail Station. Great fun. 8/10

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In conclusion we can say that school days are the best period in the company of parents like teachers and sibling like peers.  

Our teachers were like batons for us they always worked on us to build our confidence, self belief and were there for us when we needed support.

MY favorite part of this song is how wonderfully it alludes to the building of walls. The kids get taught how to build walls in school(to protect from harassers) and its what ends up making pink so alienated because of the evil feelings he harbors about everyone.

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Making stories, mocking each other copying from friend’s notebooks, sharing lunch with friends, celebrating birthdays, friendship day and God know what else.

School time is a part of our life journey and according to me it is the most precious, joyful and most enjoyed period of our lives.

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This is the time when we learn good, bad, important, and casual and all the stuff which will be useful or will never again be used in our lives.

With bitter satisfaction, Pink recounts how the teachers of his childhood would stop at nothing to humiliate their students and crush the childrens' individuality, but would then get their comeuppance at home where they suffered the abuses of their wives.

Every day at school is a memory in itself. Preparing for exams, exam tension before the exam and then explaining answers to each other after exam.

Celebrating teachers day and teaching as a teacher to lower standards, was a moment of pride for everyone.

Second reason is during school days we meet enlightened teachers who impart us the light of knowledge and thus illumine our world which would remain dark without them. We also meet our friends in the form of our classmates who make our world colourful and vibrant with their friendship and cooperation.  

Actually, yes.. physical teachers. When those teachers got home at night, their fat psychopathic wives would thrash them within inches of their lives…. in turn, the teacher/s took it out on the students… watch the movie.

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Picnic day is one which I think nobody wanted to miss and has enjoyed. School time is the treasure of our lives.