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The re-fermentation with Bordeaux wine yeast adds to the unique flavour. Dark chocolate, fruits and a breadiness quality will have you wanting more of this easy drinking beer.

LaTrappe Quad is the first quad ever produced. It was first brewed over 25 years ago and is now a solid ‘style’ in the brewing community. this beer sits at the top of the La Trappe range of beers. At 10% alcohol by volume, it’s a big dark amber beer with a rich, warming flavor. Full-bodied and mild, slightly sweet and just a hint of bitterness round out the palate. There are faint notes of frit in the aroma with some nice yeast character and a nice hops character. This beer can benefit from ageing and can be aged up to 15 years.

Originally brewed for the Knights of the Golden Fleece as early as 1491, this beer is thirst quenching and clean. The alcohol content of this golden delight is 8% and bursting with flavour.

These medium-strength ales are not too strong, not too weak, and jam-packed with a rich malty flavor. This style and those following it on this list are more readily available than the Enkel. Dubbels will have more body and darker color than their lower strength counterpart. Standard strength Dubbels fall between 6 and 8% ABV.

Brasserie Dupont’s best-known beer is their Saison. But in their hometown, the locals mostly drink Moinette. That’s because the locals are smart. Sure, Saison Dupont is a style-defining classic, but Moinette Blonde deserves way more attention. I love it for how it’s both comforting and exciting, with the kind of complexity that makes it taste like I’m rediscovering it every time I open a bottle. They also make Moinette Ambrée and Brune, and all three are exceptional.

Classic Belgian bottle conditioning results in a thin yeast layer, which, when decanted, provides bitterness bite and bready yeast complexity. If you’re not in the mood for high-level gratification, but rather just wanna smash a delicious beer to quench a thirst, pour this gently for predictably clean and smooth enjoyment.

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This style is both stronger and darker than the Tripel. It's more like a Dubbel that's been cranked up to 11. In terms of strength, Quadrupel will fall somewhere between 9 and 14% ABV. Quads have a heavy body with bold, ripe stonefruit flavors and pronounced bready malt notes.

Westmalle also make an incredible dubbel and also a ‘monks beer’ called ‘Extra’ which is a dumbed down version of the triple, closer to a mild blonde.

You may have seen some Rochefort bottles at your local bottle shop. They have a brown label with large lettering. Their styles are indicated by a number in a small colored circle. Rochefort Monastery is not open to the public, however, it's conveniently located in the town of Rochefort, which has terrific dining, sightseeing, and shopping opportunities. Many of the bars in town serve Rochefort’s coveted ales.

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Westvleteren also comes in a Blonde (6- Green Cap) and 8 (Blue Cap). The caps carry all the information about the beer; there are no labels. Currently the only way to purchase Westvleteren beers is to make an appointment with the Abbey and drive through their beer koop (drive thru) and pick up one or two cases per visit. Not every style is always available. Westvleteren is not available in any beer stores or pubs in Belgium except for a select few that are a well-kept secret.

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We can’t talk Belgian ales without mentioning Duvel! I can remember my first time trying a Duvel strong ale like it was yesterday.

As you can imagine, Tripel is stronger than Dubbel. However, instead of following suit and being darker than the previous style, Tripels tend to be lighter in color and body than Dubbels. They're dryer and have a stronger ABV, between 8 and 10%.