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If you're running into that error, you should first try quitting the Valorant client and relaunching it, to give Vanguard another chance to run properly.

Here's a breakdown of the controversy, and what you need to know about Vanguard before installing it.

Античит Вангард нужен для того, чтобы дать людям возможность спокойно наслаждаться игрой, не сталкиваясь с любителями побеждать обманным путем. В программу входит драйвер vgk.sys. После его установки пользователю придется перезагрузить компьютер. Если при старте системы программа Vanguard не запускается, она не сочтет ваше устройство доверенным.

В 90% случаев, действия, перечисленные нами выше, помогают. Если вас все равно не пускает в игру, проверьте, возможно ее сервера лежат, либо находятся на переработке. Попробуйте зайти в нее немного позже.

Riot describes the problem between the battle of cheaters and anti-cheat software. “The problem here arises from the fact that code executing in kernel-mode can hook the very system calls we would rely on to retrieve our data, modifying the results to appear legitimate in a way we might have difficulty detecting.“

In all likelihood, you don't have to worry about this, because Vanguard now blocks fewer programs, and because most people do not have PCs which will dramatically overheat unless they are running temperature monitoring/fan control software or underclocking their GPU. If you do have a tenuous cooling situation and rely on Windows software to keep your PC from melting, check and make sure that Vanguard hasn't blocked that software the first time you reboot after installing it.

Riot's been very proactive about security and cheating in general with Valorant, including a crackdown on beta sellers. If you haven't been whitelisted for the Vanguard beta, you can still install the Valorant client and link it to your Twitch account, but it won't come with Vanguard.

E3 2020 will no longer have an online replacement after coronavirus forced cancellation of the original event.

Concerns about VALORANT’s anti-cheat measures started to surface a few days after the launch of the closed beta in early April. Reddit user U/voidox did some digging into the anti-cheat software and published their security concerns on r/PCgaming. Riot has sought to address these concerns and reassure players that their data is safe, but they haven’t adjusted any of the security flaws that people are concerned with.

The primary argument against letting Riot run a kernel-mode driver on your PC is that if someone found a security vulnerability in it, the consequences could be much worse than if a vulnerability were discovered in regular, user-level software.

Удачливые игроки могут по-прежнему иметь право на участие в закрытой бете Valorant с помощью дропов Twitch, что также дает им возможность увидеть, насколько хорошо Vanguard выполняет свою работу.

It definitely should, but its notifications weren't working well initially. It's less of an issue now that it blocks fewer programs, but Riot is  "working on ways to make the experience better,” says Chamberlain. 

The free shooter game  Valorant is  now available in closed beta and uses Riot’s own  anti-cheat  software  to prevent hackers from making the game their home. But how do you download it?

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For now, it's something players will have to put up with if they want to play Valorant, though Riot did at least make it easier to disable or uninstall Vanguard by adding a system tray icon. I've taken to uninstalling Vanguard between Valorant sessions. It means that I have to reinstall it (it's tiny, so that's fine) and reboot my PC before playing Valorant, but that's not a very big deal given how quickly PCs can boot these days. I'd say it takes me about as much time to reinstall Vanguard, reboot, and launch Valorant as it does to launch Rainbow Six Siege and get to the menu. That may say more about Siege, though.

On May 6th, Paul "Arkem" Chamberlain posted a blog entry on Valorant's website, to discuss why Riot is being so proactive about anti-cheat measures, and what it's doing to keep Valorant's gameplay as honest as possible, but didn't specifically mention the problems being caused by Vanguard in its current state.