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Joe Biden said in an interview that he considered Putin to be “deadly”. At the same time, he said that Putin will have to pay the price for the alleged disturbances in the 2020 US elections.

In response, Vladimir Putin challenged the US President on Russian TV to talk to him in a live program. He used a rhyme or poetry spoken in Russian schools, which means that “we are like that, we see the same as others”.

The Office of the Second Vice President Sarwar Danish in a statement said that what has been published by the National Statistics and Information Authority, as a list of ethnic groups, to be included in the national identification card is nether practical nor professional. The statement further stated that it is correct that Afghanistan is a multi-ethnic country and multiplicity is a cultural and social beauty of our country. “Every ethnic group is entitled to be recognised in its own, and it is not correct that different branches and sub-branches of an ethnic group is recognised as an independent and separate ethnic group,” the statement said. 

India is a big market for the US for the purchase of arms, while Russia accounts for the highest 56 percent of India’s arms purchases. Here too, Russia remains a challenge for America in India.

Today the term Western Punjab is used in Pakistan to describe the whole part of Pakistan's Punjab province except the Lahore/Central Region,[2] while in India it is often used to refer to the entire Pakistani Punjab.[3]

To keep Indian interest at a notch, Delhi must maneuver with its regional position by managing Sino-US rivalry in the region, while maintaining the status-quo to secure its end. The changing focus from the early 1990s by the emphasis of the Indian Navy to counter the aggregating Chinese military to the most recent Quad cooperation highlights India’s increasing role in the region, which is evident from Indian doctrine – SAGAR – which allows India to be more vocal towards regional affairs. But the growing hostility with China creates hurdles for which India needs to use its strategic partnership with Quad members supporting India’s interests while providing strategic depth for counter steps.

Turkey’s human rights record has been on decline in recent years. Women’s rights issue is at the heart of this...

The country can be divided into three major geographic zones as observed on the physical map of the country above. These are the highlands in the north, the plain of the Indus River and the Balochistan Plateau. The country also shares the Thar Desert with India along its eastern border. 

During the course of a political career that spanned nearly seven decades, Yusuf Haroon worked with a bewildering variety of leaders and politicians, and was witness to events and traumas which have shaped today’s Pakistan.

In such a way that maintaining a balance between Russia and America is a challenge for India, in the same way, Russia and America also will not want to lose India as an ally. Therefore, it is to be seen how these countries are able to adjust to the changing priorities.

Former Vice President Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum who is also the head of the National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan has recently said that the decision [to include ethnicity in the e-ID card]is against the national interest of the country and it will open the way for another era of ethnic totalitarianism which will not have good consequences.

On December 8, while addressing the government think tank Russian International Affairs Council (where this write contribute regularly) in a video conferencing, the Russian Foreign Minister said that Western countries are trying to weaken its close relations with India.

In April 2016, the government once again changed the controversial article of the Population Registration Act and the office of the Second Vice President in a statement said that Nationality and Ethnicity of the e-ID card holder will be included in the card based on the new amendments. The statement further added that the distribution of e-ID card would start after it is passed by the parliament.

The India has been eyeing the purchase of the S-400 missile system from Russia. A recent US Congressional “Congressional Research Service” report warned that “India’s billions of dollars to buy S-400 air defense systems made in Russia” counters America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act. (CAATSA) may also impose sanctions on India. “

Conclusively, the best opportunity for India in this situation is to triangulate the two contending hegemons and exploit these contesting perspectives to expand its essential self-sufficiency. The future of the region will evolve around how Biden will play in the region. His statement that “Alliances are our greatest asset” raised the question for the future of the region.  Modi-Trump bromance provided India with an unrestricted chance to counter China in the Indian Ocean, but the change in administration could result otherwise.

Many Afghans believe that President Ashraf Ghani used all options, including using ethnic groups in any way possible to solicit their support and votes, to remain in power. President Ghani in an emotional address to a gathering of Sadat ethnic group at the presidential palace on 12 March 2019 said: “A legislative decree is going to be issued to recognise Afghanistan’s Sadat as an ethnic group, congratulations, congratulations.” He further stated that tomorrow an official decree will be issued with regard to inclusion of Sadat ethnic group in the electronic identification card.

Karachi is the largest and most populous city of Pakistan. Located in the southern part of the country, on the Arabian Sea coast; Karachi serves as Pakistan’s maritime port and the country’s economic center. 

The northern mountain region features some really high peaks of the Karakoram, Hindu Kush, and Himalayan mountain ranges. The world's second highest peak, Mount K2, is located in Pakistan. The peak has been marked on the map and is also the highest point in the country at 8,611 m or 28,250 ft. Over half the peaks in this northern highland region of Pakistan are above 4,500m.