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Teaching English is always an alternative, at least for native speakers who want to start working in São Paulo, but cannot find employment in their original occupation. However, expats may find it hard to keep up the living standards they are used to. Working as an English teacher, for example, is usually poorly paid.

The largest and wealthiest city in Brazil, São Paulo is a sprawling multicultural metropolis of nearly 11 million inhabitants. It is financial centre of the country, as well as a cultural hotbed that attracts residents from all over Brazil and internationals from around the world. Becoming a paulistano (a resident of São Paulo) means living in one of the world’s fastest growing economies, as well as experiencing some of the planet’s most epic traffic jams.

Established there, we have the first buildings that made São Paulo what the city became today. We can see the Catedral da Sé, one of the 5 biggest neo gothic temples in the world. Its measures makes it not only one of the biggest in the world, but of the São Paulo. Around it happened one of the most important manifestation in Brazil’s history, the Diretas Já, a civil movement claiming for direct presidential elections occurred between 1983-1984.

Although a place of worship, this temple – built by one of the founders of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God – is a tourist attraction just due to its sheer size. Inspired by the biblical temple of the same name in Jerusalem, the Temple of Solomon has the capacity to hold more than 10,000 people and the height of an 18-story building. It hosts 36 Bible School rooms, television and radio studios, an auditorium for 500 people and parking for almost 2,000 cars. Visitation is free.

Generally, there is no need for expats moving to São Paulo to be too worried about healthcare. It is considered very good, especially in the private sector. The city has a high density of both general doctors and specialists, a number of whom speak English or other foreign languages. Also refer to your Embassy or Consulate General for a list of doctors who speak your mother tongue. Usually, diplomatic missions include a relatively up-to-date list of medical service providers with multi-lingual staff in the information available for foreign nationals in São Paulo.

Although a number of expats drive their own car, this is only advisable for experienced drivers with strong nerves. São Paulo’s traffic jams are legendary, and the usually chaotic driving conditions are what some call “the last big adventure” for drivers from abroad.

Filled with shops, hotels, businesses, cultural institutions and restaurants, Avenida Paulista is one of the city's main thoroughfares. Towering skyscrapers populate this street – many of which boast some interesting architecture. Strolling down this avenue is a great way to take in the sights and sounds of São Paulo, and it makes for a convenient jumping off point to see some of the city's other top sights, including the Museu de Arte de São Paulo, Shopping Cidade São Paulo and Parque Trianon.

After Tokyo, New Delhi and Shanghai, São Paulo is the world’s fourth most populous city, according to the UN, and it claims to host the world’s largest annual pride parade.

Further information The Rio Times: English-language newspaper covering news in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and the rest of Brazil

Ok, weird reason, funny maybe, I know, and it might be normal to you. But it was just so liberating and beautiful to see the love everywhere. Couples of the same gender holding hands on the streets, kissing, dancing. Few weeks before we came, they had a Pride parade and the Burger King on the Paulista avenue changed its name to Burger Queen (thanks to Diego and Lucas for this insiders info)! Call me a village girl if you like, but it is not normal everywhere and it's a pity because it's wonderful to feel the love in the air.

Side trips Many paulistanos head out of the city every weekend to the beach or the mountains. The beach at Guarujá is less than an hour away, and the beaches of Maresias, Juquehy and Camburi, located up the north coast of São Paulo state, are also popular. “They are about a two hour drive, but can be up to five hours if the traffic is bad,” said Balston. In the winter, residents head to towns in the Mantiqueira Mountains, such as Campos do Jordao and Monte Verde, about an hour from the city, for Alpine architecture, hiking and cycling .

For those transferring to São Paulo within their current company, temporary visas are readily issued by Brazilian authorities. Dependent family members are allowed to accompany a visa holder, but they do not receive a work permit of their own.

The most important rule about the São Paulo job market is the following: It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Even more than elsewhere, personal contacts and recommendations by acquaintances play a vital role. Expats are well-advised to establish contacts early on and to use all available networking opportunities. Nevertheless, “traditional” job-seeking strategies may also work in Brazil.

And, make sure to spend a lot of time within downtown São Paulo, because if you don’t, you will never really actually get to know this city.

Along with its important historical facts in Brazil’s history, you can find there daily masses, and guiding tours within its crypt, where shelters 30 mortuary chambers, whereas the most searched is the one of Chieftain Tibiriça, an important name in São Paulo downtown history.

On the last Sunday of every month, a legendary brunch is held to mark the Holy Eucharistic Meal. Along with its traditional 10am Monastery Mass, Gregorian chants and pipe organ music are performed during the brunch. Food is supplied by the church’s famous bakery and by top Paulistano chefs.